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Let’s make this clear, we have no intention of poaching players from other clubs. As a wandering club, Greenheath will forever be indebted to clubs who have hosted matches. 


We are looking for people who wish to join the kind of social environment associated with our club. 


To that end, there are two things to take into consideration:

  • Who might enjoy being part of Greenheath Cricket Club?

  • Who might the Greenheath family wish to be part of the club?

Who might enjoy being part of Greenheath Cricket Club?

  • We are happy to welcome anybody who enjoys cricket as a social game.  You may be a retired person who wishes to come along to watch, run the score book, do a spot of umpiring or simply have a chat and a laugh with everybody else.

  • There is no annual subscription, we are a play and pay club.

  • Maybe you enjoyed cricket at school but it fell by the wayside when you explored the world of ‘sex and drugs and rock and roll’, but you have now moved on!

  • Are you a cricket player who no longer has the time to fully commit to league cricket?

  • Did you simply fall out of love with the game?

  • You could be that person who loves the game but never really had the confidence to ‘give it a go’? We have a few of those.

  • Are you in Britain from one of the cricket playing nations and fancy a touch of social cricket in the Garden of England and London? We have had players from Australia, New Zealand, the Asian Subcontinent, Southern Africa and the Caribbean who have played for one season or longer.  We even have a player who is Peruvian! Many still keep in contact with us years after returning ‘home’.

  • Are you seeking refuge in Britain, or you have just migrated here, and you are looking to integrate and meet people?

  • Do you simply want to get out on a Sunday afternoon and meet ordinary people who love cricket?

Who might Greenheath wish to be part of the club?

  • We want people to play for their mates and not for themselves.

  • Players who accept the judgement of the umpire even when it is plain to see that the decision was wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • Players who support and encourage team mates when they have made mistakes rather than complain and criticise.

  • People who add social value to Greenheath.

  • People who understand there are jobs to be done other than batting and bowling and will happily do those jobs when the need arises.

  • Good, honest, reliable and respectful people who don’t mind having their ‘leg pulled’!

  • Players who pay their match fee!


If you tick one of the boxes from the first section, and appreciated the points in the second, then give Rob a call on 07805 170458

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