Dick Phillips

It is sad to report that after a long illness, Greenheath have lost a magnificent servant and warrior in Richard (Dick) Phillips.

Dick played 637 times for Greenheath having made his debut on 7 June 1954. He is the all time club wicket taker with 1227 wickets at 13.23 apiece. He has taken over 150 wickets more than the second highest wicket taker, Roy Thompson. His best return was 8 for 17 and he took 5 wickets on 83 occasions. He holds the record for the highest number of wickets taken in a season with 84 in 1971. In the list of 'top ten for wickets taken during a season', Dick's name is recorded six times. It is highly unlikely that any Greenheath player will approach Dick's contribution with the ball.

He scored his 4832 runs at 12.7 and still holds the record 8th wicket partnership of 64 along with Alan Kimber, a record that has stood for 46 seasons.

Dick stands fourth in the all time number of outfield catches with 154.

Although it is not recorded in any scorebook, maybe Dick's most significant contribution was in introducing his nephew Paul Cant to the club. Had Dick not spent time with a young Canty, it is highly likely that the club would have folded many years ago. Canty visited Dick recently and placed a cricket ball in his uncle's hand.  Despite his advanced ill-health, Dick still had the capacity to grip and manipulate that cricket ball.

All club members should be forever thankful for what Dick did for Greenheath. Our thoughts are with his immediate family and the Cants.

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